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turned on monitoring screen
turned on monitoring screen

First of all

Behind the Business

Discover the inspiring journey of successful entrepreneurs and the secrets behind their businesses.

person using MacBook Pro
person using MacBook Pro

Not to mention

What's Next? How to Grow

Get expert advice and practical tips on how to take your business to the next level and achieve long-term success.

man facing clouds during golden time
man facing clouds during golden time

And let's not forget

A Truth Behind Success and Failure

Stay informed with our in-depth investigative reports on the successes and failures of businesses in various industries.

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The Real Trends is going to be leading English National Business magazine from Dhomec venture. We provides readers with the latest insights, trends and news in the business world and Public. Our magazine covers a wide range of topics from success stories to investigative news

Reality in real estate - current trends in Real estate market

Business behind the Bars - Most corrupted business personalities

Power Politics - Political news

The Real Trends - New innovations for innovative people

One to One - Interview with great personalities

Current affairs , Movie news & so on

Our presence starts from Delhi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Vizag and Bangalore

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